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I use range brass for most of my handguns (for stout .357mag loads I use new Win brass). I only load for one rifle, a lever action, so I just use the same 100 new Win cases for that.

At my range I find this mix of headstamps in sufficient quantities to use them regularly, listed in order of my preference:


I find half a dozen other headstamps that Idont use yet as I have enough of the above on hand. I will keep building supplies of those and use or trade them later.

R-P is very plentiful but it is easily the worst of the major brass I find. Just doesnt hold up like the rest. I use it but dont go out of my way to retrieve it once its fired. I will not use small primer S&B cases due to the tight primer pockets (sure I could use it but I have more than enough to use as is). The large primer S&B is great.

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