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Federal HST's in 147 grain open beautifully, with decent penetration too.
Hey, wait a minute. Isn't the whole point of the 147 to give the best penetration among the various 9mm bullet weights? Shouldn't that be 'superior' penetration?

Regardless of my silly splitting of hairs here, that was terrible performance even for a 147. each modern bullet is ostensibly designed to function properly at the intended velocity range and this should have performed properly. Five pins could have been jerking us around, but of course he isn't.

So many companies have been collaborating with other companies these days such as federal with the swift and winchester with nosler that browning should have collaborated with a good name brand and used top quality bullet designs. But they screwed up and stayed in house, or bought terrible products. No, I don't really think that this was a fluke. The design seems to be inferior. They could have done better.
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