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Kicked out - literally

We figuratively speak of being kicked out of places. Here's a story of a disgraced Confederate lieutenant from the 28th Alabama who was literally kicked out by the ranks - for a while.

"One Lieutenant (William R.) Tucker of this regiment deserted some time ago, after he had just drawn nine months wages, and carried off a private with him. Owing to President Davis's amnest he could not be hurt for desertion and was courtmartialed for getting the private off with him. He was dismissed from the service in disgrace. His sentence was read on dress parade. The ranks were opened and faced inward, this being done the major [sent] him to the head of the line and announced that 'A man was going to pass down the lines and any man was at liberty to kick his stern who felt like it.' He then started by giving him a tremendous kick behind. Every man, nearly, in the regiment lifted. At first he walked very slowly giving them a fine chance at him. But they hurt him so badly that he began to beg them not to 'kick hard,' but this only raised the yell of indignation tenfold louder. He then struck a trot and went through in double quick time, to the tune of 'Here's your deserting lieutenant; lift him boys.' The privates seemed to enjoy it hugely. After the show was over he moped off to his quarters and prepared to go home in shame and infamy, but just before he was ready to leave the colonel went down and conscripted him. He only lacked two days of being forty-five years old. He is now over the age but he's 'in for the war'. He is now carrying a musket, a private."

Talk about insult to injury. (BTW, that makes two books I've read today).
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