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O'Heir's suggestion about slugs is a good one, in that a slug would be a big improvement over 20 ga buckshot. I'm not sure I'd spring for the premium SST slug though. My understanding is that the SST 20ga is a sabot set up, and I'm not sure you'd derive any benefit unless you have a rifled barrel,and a decent sight set up to obtain a proper zero.

A 20 ga standard Foster type slug has a dia around .60 caliber and will weigh about 270 grains. Muzzle velocity will be in the 1500 fps vicinity. Those numbers, while not an apples to apples comparison, equal a heavy handgun load, ie, about a hot .45 Colt. Trajectory and velocity loss is significant, so consider 50 yds or so as max range. A Foster slug is pretty soft too, so penetration, though better than buckshot, will not be extraordinary either. The good news is that 20 ga traditional slugs are cheap, and you can get a 5 pack or a 15 pack for about $5-10 respectively. Consider too, that bead sighted shotgun may or may not shoot to point of aim, and a single bead is a marginal sight arrangement for single projectiles, but can work to 50 yds.

Reference the OP, I've never heard of #2 buck in a 20 ga, I believe all factory loads in 20ga are #3 buck. Too, I would not go so far as to call buckshot totally unreliable. There are lots of hogs being rolled by buckshot loaded shotguns in the helo-shooting videos, though likely 12 ga OO buck. I've also read that they used buckshot to follow up leopards in Africa. A lot would depend on the size of the hog. I can't imagine a hog under 100 lbs taking a load of buck inside 30 yds and not going down.
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