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The transition form 5 to 6 digits in the serial number occurred in 1897. If your rifle is that old, it is indeed a classic. If it were that old, it would probably have a crescent buttplate and a round barrel (that was called a "standard rifle"). It would not say 30-30 on it, it would be marked 30 WCF. It would not say Model 94 on it, it would be marked Model 1894 (since that's what it was called). Pictures of the rifle would tell the tale.

Your Model 94 is a post-WW2 transition model, made sometime after WW2 (shown by the new "post-war" tang design) but before the "official" beginning of production in 1949 at SN 1,500,001. All in all, it's in very nice condition. Value is probably around $600-ish
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