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Trying to identify this rifle

Hi All!

First...let me take a moment to thank all of the Vets on this forum. We owe you everything...

My uncle past several years ago, leaving a large gun collection. Several family members received guns. I have two that I think someone might want. They have been sitting in my closet for years...and I think it's such a waste.

I was hoping you could help me identify a Winchester Model 94-30 WCF.
SN# 1496368.

I have searched the links included on these pages...but I can't find that serial number?

Can someone help?

As...can you tell me a reasonable price for it...and where's a good place to sell it. I would rate it Fair to Good condition, as the Left side of the stock have a groove in it.


I'm hoping someone can make good use of this rifle.


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