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How nice, barrels take six months to show up......

How nice, my barrels are taking six months to show up instead of the quoted five weeks!
Several orders were placed over a period of months, next week they will all be delivered at the same time.
But I'm the one getting slammed on-line.
"It" really does roll down hill!

FYI, Panic buying for gun parts did not start two weeks ago, for barrels it started at the beginning of 2012.

It seems that some folk need to check their firewalls and 'approve' mail from companies they want a reply from.
Email from people I have already gotten mail from is also sometimes redirected to my SPAM filter until I find out and approve them again, I do not know why.

I am getting away from time consuming hand fitted products to concentrate on new items that are simpler or more profitable.

The 7.62x39 "K" is being phased out.
It was a good product, but the volume/return is not there to continue with it unless it is also suppressed.

My arm and leg injuries are nearly recovered, the stitches are out, I am able to walk again, thanks for your concern. /s

While recovering I set up a spreadsheet to track all orders.
As stated on my site, they are going out in the order received.

For future reference, the old style .45 ejector is as follows.
MSC Part #: 05588371
Big Book Page #: 1343
Manufacturer: Gibraltar.
Now anyone who forgets to reinstall the bolt properly may order as many as they like without having to contact me.

The new style ejector should be impossible to break.

Happy new year.
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