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Well, I can speak about this. I have needed bifocals (or "progressives", as they are commonly called today) for years. But, I kept putting this off. I guess I didn't want to face up to the old age thing. Stupid of me, because in the mean time, my vision got bad enough that I absolutely could NOT use iron sights on a rifle.....and could barely shoot a hand gun. I switched to a scope on my rifle (and I hate scopes).....and tried to muddle through with the hand guns. Reality finally forced me to do something about this. So, I finally made an appointment.

The long and short of it is - that was the BEST decision I've made in a long time. I now have no-line "progressives", which actually are not BI-focals.....but TRI-focals (they have three distinct focus ranges built in). After a short time to get used to them (and it DOES take a couple of weeks for most people) - I wish that I'd done this YEARS ago !

Now, I can clearly see the sights on my hand guns - and my shooting has improved immensely. As for the rifle, I have switched BACK to iron sights - and I am enjoying them more than I can say.

In technical terms, I assume that you are worried about having to move your head about, to find the right range on the lenses...and this being a problem with shooting. It has caused me NO problems. THAT is what the period of getting used to the new lenses is all about. You will, in essence, train yourself to move your head as needed. This will become "2nd nature". So, I would not worry about it, if I were you. Just go ahead and get the new lenses.....and DON'T look back. I promise - you'll be glad you did.

You can certainly have a special pair made for shooting, if you wish. Everyone is different....and that may work best for you. However, I've had NO problems with the "standard" progressives and shooting. I did discuss (that I am a shooter) with the doctor....and that I needed to be able to see at "arms length". But, I don't remember her taking any special measurements for this. You might try the normal progressives, before spending the $$ on special shooting glasses. You just might find, like me, that they will do the job.

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