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Originally Posted by PhotonGuy
I also see disagreement within the gun control crowd. There are some in the gun control crowd who want to outlaw all guns, handguns, rifles, shotguns, guns used for hunting, ect. If it goes bang they want it outlawed. Then there are those who only want certain types of guns outlawed such as handguns or rifles on AR platforms. Then there are those who just want to ban certain features and accessories such as pistol grips on rifles or adjustable stocks or barrel shrouds or magazines that hold over a certain number of rounds. So I would figure there would be much fighting within the gun control crowd.
Don't be fooled. They ALL want to ban all guns. To whatever extent they may appear to disagree, the disagreement isn't over what the endgame is, it's only a question of "Do we go after the guns incrementally, or do we go after everything at once?"

Have you read LawDog's blog on compromise? In most contexts, "compromise" means each side gives up something to arrive at a result that both sides can live with. That's not how it works with the anti-gun crowd. No matter what they get, it's never enough. It's always "a good first step."
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