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The crimp is done by the Die body, some guys. Do the crimp if needed in a separate application with the seater stem removed from the die body, the first thing I would do is check your brass, I check all my rifle brass after full length sizing, and trim all to uniform length. What works for me, I will put a sized case in the shell holder, with the seater stem backed out a couple turns, I raise the ram and screw the die body down tight against the brass in the shell holder, I then place a bullet on the brass and raise the ram, once the bullet is seated too the proper Over All Length , I back the seater stem out about a turn, now I turn the die body down ¼ turn, raise the ram. And the bullet will be crimped, if not you may need another 1/8 to ¼ turn. If this is enough, now turn the seater stem down firmly on the seated/ crimped bullet. Check your OAL. If done properly all remaining bullets will be seated and crimped properly.
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