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The seating die does two different operations: seats the bullet and crimps the case. You adjust the crimp by screwing the die down until you get the desired crimp. You adjust the top screw to seat the bullet. For beginners it is good to do them in two separate operations.

1. With a sized case in the shellholder and the press ram up screw down the die until you can fell it hitting the top of the case. Then back off one turn and lock it down. Seat your bullets to the correct length. This will seat the bullets without crimping. After you have a batch done this way go to Step 2.

2. Remove the top screw and seating stem, this will allow the die to crimp without moving the bullet. Insert one of the loaded rounds into the shell holder and lift the ram back up so the case and bullet are in the die. Now screw the die down until you can feel it hitting the top of the case. Lower the ram and turn the die in 1 turn. Lift the bullet back up into the die and see how the crimp looks. Continue to turn the die down until you have the crimp that you want.

If you have the LEE die set with the factory crimp die, you can skip step 2 and just crimp with the FCD.
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