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Originally Posted by WVsig View Post
He died hours later in a hospital. The wounds were fatal but clearly death was not instantaneous. He was moving and conscious during the entire video. At one point your we’re arguing he’s threat so she should have her foot on him now he is almost dead so he isn’t a threat. Which is it?
I never said or indicated in any of my posts or comments that he was not ever a threat while he was still lying there. Please do not twist my words or comments into something they are not in an effort to prove your point. He was a wounded animal and they are always dangerous. That is WHY she was standing so close to him with her gun pointed at his head ready to fire that "kill shot" if necessary to protect all of the innocent victims. She is clearly a skilled, intelligent and courageous woman who has had proper training in how to deal with a scenario of this nature and she pulled it off with courage and determination.

If you want to continue to debate this point that is fine but you will not change my mind. She did everything perfect! IMHO
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