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Originally Posted by Skans View Post
Yes, I tend to agree with this. However, I had purchased two such rifles in the past that have not increased in value that much. One was a HAC-7; the other was an Israeli HB FAL with an Israeli made SBL receiver. Both fairly rare guns, but neither has increased all that much from what I paid for them. I can see the Kriss, possibly the 10mm, being collectible.
You have to buy stuff that is either currently under priced or stuff that is not popular but will become popular in the future. I purchased a Yugo SKS about 10 years ago for $150. The market had been flooded for years with these cheap guns. Once the supply dried up the prices doubled and now they are worth about $450. Same thing happened with a Swiss K31 and Nagant revolver I bought a couple of years ago. Once supplies dried up prices increased $100 to $200 over the course of a few months.

Other guns like the Python went through spells of being impossible to sell and sat for months on dealers shelves during the 1990's. The S&W 610 was the red-headed step child of the N frame revolvers for years and eventually discontinued. This prices on those have shot through the roof and now are worth more than any of the other N frames due to their rarity.

Buying guns just because they are rare is not a good idea. There are millions of rare junk guns out there. The Kriss 10mm could become collectible only if they stopped producing them today. Anything currently being made is not going to become collectible in the near future. Buying a gun today that might be collectible 75 years from now is pointless because most of us will not be around.
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