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Actually see a couple improvements over the colt. Like the coil main spring over the Leaf spring Colt has.

I had a Taurus ultra lite for a while. Loved the feel of the little pistol but has to ship it back to the factory 2 times . Another thing I don't like is the monogrip system they have. keeps me from making custom grips. I have a Taurus 405 which the heavier guns they seem to be made better than the lighter ones. Other than the monogrip ,which I replaced, I like the gun .A 40S&W with moon clips. I couldn't resist. We'll see how it holds up after I reload a 1000 or so rounds for it.

I never liked Taurus' quality years ago and everyone says have gotten better , not sure how much better. They do have a good warranty, but I'm not quite sure they should command the high prices that they are getting now days..I am familiar with the quality of RIA /Armscor and am pretty impressed for the price.

Been trying to get one of their government 1911s used but around here that has one loves em and won't part with it.
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