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Try a little more finger on the trigger. Sounds like you may be pushing the weapon on the trigger break. The trigger should be on the pad of your trigger finger(where your finger print is).

Also try when you reset the trigger for a second shot, only let the trigger come forward just enough to reset the trigger. You should feel a crisp "click" that is as far as you need to go. Once it clicks you are ready for your second shot.

Try practicing pulling the trigger straight back. It is natural for humans to curl their fingers like your making a fist. This is tranferred to the trigger causing you to pull or push the trigger, whatever the case may be. Try bending your first finger at the second knuckle so that your finger forms a right angle(keeping your first and second digit straight). It is kind of uncomfortable but it is good training for pulling your finger straight back.

I am not an expert by no means but I shoot a lot(competitively and for work) and these are some of the little tricks and exercises that instuctors have passsed on to me.

Happy shooting.....don't get frustrated and don't forget to breathe. Slow and controlled.....speed will come later.
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