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Okay, I am more of a spoiler on this subject than anything else. Part of my cynical nature.

Heat: cool guns, but that big shootout in the streets ruined it for realism. A.-never would've happened. B. would've been over REAL quick for the bad guys if it had.

The Rock: Pretty darn realistic, though I think that there should've been a subtle ringing in the background of the soundtrack for everyone involved in the shower room shootout for the rest of the movie.

John Milius gets my nod as "most accurate movie gun guy". Occassional RPG fireballs aside, Red Dawn gets really close to best/most realistic Gun Movie.

Meanwhile, my contributions:
I am a minimalist when it comes to gun use.. too much gun use usually spells instant removal from the "realistic" list for me:

Resevoir Dogs, gun play is short and violent.

True Romance, same.


That movie we made with my parents Video camera over easter break back when I was in college we called it "Muzzle blasts and things exploding".. (you may not have seen it..but it was cool, trust me.)

Casablanca, guns used more as threats and deterants than anything else.


Godfather Series.

Killing Zoe.

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