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What ive read so far is the naysayers of WML’s, who by their own admision have never received ANY training in the PROPER use of one, continue to espouse that the improper use of one is hazardous.

I agree if used wrong, there are downsides. BUT, with proper techniques and tactics a WML offers a serious advantage to the trained user. If you augment the WML with a handheld and understand when/how to use each, its pretty impressive when on the receiving end of that lightshow.

I find the comment about the light manufactures offering training only to sell lights absolutly absurd. Smith and Wesson has had a shooting academy for years, Sig has the same (I've been to both). Just because they make guns, doesn't mean they cant teach shooting. What an asinine argument.

While the CCW/HD user may not have as much of a need as a LEO for a WML, to say its useless or detrimental is short sighted and uninformed.
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