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I've been watching Cabelas online. In fact I bought a couple of boxes of some 'ultra clean' 45acp from them. Arrived on Monday.

I am a big fan of Cabelas, for sure. When I was a kid I lived in Hastings Nebraska. A great Saturday afternoon was to go up to Kearney, where their catalog warehouse had a 'small' retail operation. Compared to Woolworths or Allen's department stores it was like going to Disneyland instead of the county fair.

But back to our story; I already have the Hornady dies on order and I want to stick with that. Most of my dies are Hornady, I am comfortable with them, have the die maintenance kit for them, and know what works best and how to install the maintenance parts.

Not that I have anything against Lee. I have a couple already and even a "lee loader" in 30-30 that I am fascinated with. In fact their FCD and 'bulge buster' dies arrived from Midway yesterday. Haven't figured out for sure if the FCD is a good match for cast. That seems to be the main point of contention of this whole thread.

The lead bullets I ordered should be here on Monday. Seems like MidwayUSA's shipping department either needs to do better planning, like get orders out same day, or at least think about holding orders for a couple of days when backorder items are expected to arrive in that time frame. Not too impressed with their shipping department for the last 3 orders.

Anyway, they are Meister brand 230gn LRN bullets and come highly recommended. I guess I'd order Falcon, next go around, if I have any problems with these. Not in SWC though. Seems my original 1911 always fails to feed the last one out of the magazine. Smacks dead on into the feed ramp and stops. Only on the last one though. A simple re-rack usually fixes it, but I prefer RN if only for that simple reason. None of the other 45s, including a Hi-Point, has any problem with the SWC, but if the 1911 has problems with it I'm inclined to avoid it. Any special reason you like the SWC?

Anyway; I appreciate the feedback, but it seems the ammo 'shortage' is coming to an end. I have been able to find good quality 45acp in stock at 3 retail locations now, and both Cabelas and Midway seem to have some available every day, so I'm okay waiting. My ammo is resupplied and I continue growing my stockpile of brass for the day when the dies do arrive.
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