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Hey guys just wanted to interject into this thread.
I love the LEE FCD, they make setting crimps real easy.
One problem though is their use with cast bullets.
The LEE FCD has a carbide post sizing ring that works super with jacketed loads. It does not work with cast loads.

45 ACP jacketed bullets are sized at .451. That sizing ring is designed to post size a .451 projectile and the brass case.

Cast bullets for the 45 acp are sized at .452
When you run a .452 cast bullet and the brass case through a carbide sizing ring that's designed for a .451 projectile.
Your loaded .452 cast bullet gets re-sized to .451
Thats not what you want to have happen.

I quit using my FCD's with cast loads and use the bullet seating die to set the crimp. Accuracy has improved considerably.
You can if your inclined, knock out the post sizing ring from the FCd and still use it with out resizing your loads.
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