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I'm honestly done with this for the time being. I may come back to it eventually, but currently the safety switch still works, and I just can't see going through even more trouble to destroy it just so that I can replace it.

Besides, considering just how smoothly this "simple" process has gone so far, I have no faith whatsoever that this will be as simple as snapping off the old safety then easily removing the screw with pliers. I've already made the mistake of trusting other folks concerning how "easy/simple" this was supposed to be, and I just don't feel like rendering my firearm inoperable in the event in which this is yet another instance in which "simple" isn't actually simple at all and I broke the safety only to discover that this infernal screw still won't come out because the head breaks off or despite my best efforts the spring/ball goes into orbit.

Honestly, I wish I hadn't bothered with this at all in the first place because it's brought me nothing but stress and frustration.
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