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5.7 pros and cons

Finally, the legendary but until recently unobtainable 5.7 has reached my country in the form of the Ruger 57. It's more than tempting, since 5.7 is an interesting (mildly put) caliber for a gun afficionado. Yet, since the number of guns obe can purchase with the standard permit are limited, reason points its reproachful finger... So, here are some thoughts, please correct / add:


+ negligible recoil for a caliber in that ME range
+ flat shooting
+ high mag cap within normal grip configuration
+ extremely lightweight, both the ammo and the gun
+ cool factor...

- price (ammo is between EUR 1,20 and 2,40 a bang, the Ruger 57 is around 1.350,--)
- less combinable (e.g. there is no carbine that takes R57 mags like the many ones taking Glock mags, right?)
- caliber is suited for this particular size of pistol only (Other than 9mm, a compact or subcompact 5.7x28 pistol would be somewhat pointless, wouldn't it?)
- supersonic round that's hard to suppress / doesn't very much exceed .22lr in the subsonic version

...did I miss any aspect...?
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