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Originally Posted by USSR View Post
it's not going to work well at all due to the weight of loaded shells causing them to bump along the bottom of a vibratory tumbler, and not move around through out the media like cases alone do. Very inefficient.

Ah, this turns out not to be the case. I can positively attest to the fact that loaded .223 rem, .30-06, .44 mag/spl, 45 acp, 40 S&W, .357 mag, .38 spl, and 9mm roll from the bottom of the tumbler to the top and back down, just like unloaded brass, just a bit slower. At least so far after having done it to about 20,000 rds. They do not just sit on the bottom and vibrate, unless you overload your tumbler with cartridges.

Also, there's no issue with pitting, dings, nicks, etc. from tumbling loaded cartridges. At least up one hour. After that I can't say.

Of course, maybe I have the one magic Cabela's vibratory tumbler in the world. But it was on sale, so I doubt it.
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