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The difference is about 3-9 decibels depending on the ablative, how much ablative you use, and how many shots you take until you refill the silencer.

With ice cold water, about 5 ccs (I was told not to use more or else you risk the water blocking the projectile's flight path), I got 5-9 decibel reduction on the first shot. The gun was really quiet. Since the water was ice cold, it lasted longer before it lost all effectiveness. It lasted 5-10 shots.

With regular water, after the first shot, the sound reduction dropped by more than half, to less than 5 decibel reduction. Regular water only lasted about 4-5shots before it lost all effectiveness, probably from the water being blown out or the water reaching a temperature equilibrium with the silencer.

You always get the most reduction on the first shot.
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