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I just learned a new term from you... "ablatives" (in reference to firearms)Last I heard this term used was in High School AP English in reference to the Latin language.

Though I am NOT speaking from experience, it intrigued me so I started looking online for info on this. I am thinking of getting a suppressor for my Glock, not an NFA firearm (though I'd love to have one!). From what I dug up, according to Gemtech, you shouldn't run a suppressor 'wet'

As far as a form of heat shielding we used in the Marine Corps for .50 cal, though it isn't SOP, was 15-40 Diesel Engine oil on the barrel, and that was only under dire circumstances when we were really putting the heat to it! Just my 2 cents, and I'm very interested to see who posts what on this thread.

Good Luck
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