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My first experience with suppressing the M14/M1A was at the SilencerTests shoot held in Taccoa, GA. YOUTUBE VIDEO

I am using a Smith Ent./Fisher .30 caliber suppressor made for the M14. My can was recently updated to SEI's new WindTalker specifications. I use a direct connect (DC) Vortex flash hider, but they also have DC Good Iron muzzle brakes. I have installed a DC Vortex on my 7.62x39 AK, and my 5.56mm NATO AR so I can also run the .30 caliber can on these rifles. My experience over the last few years has been great. It's no louder than any other suppressed piston driven .308 rifle, and it's Hollywood quiet with subsonic ammo. I do not use an adjustable gas plug, but I do use SEI's x-tra volume SOCOM gas plug. Gas blowback is noticeable, but it can be deflected away from the shooter. I have not seen any accelerated wear to the op rod, or any other part because the gas system is self regulating.

This .30 caliber suppressor is my first, and only suppressor... I wish I had purchased it years earlier.
It's kind of long & heavy, so it can be used as a billy club when not attached to a rifle

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