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I don't have any personal experience suppressimg an M1A, but -- from what I hear -- it's not a popular suppressor host. Apparently it's much louder when suppressed than most other platforms, and you get significant blowback that batters the op rod. I know people have fixed the blowback issue with aftermarket adjustable gas plugs, though.

Also, the thread pattern on an M1A is non-standard and any mount would have to index off the muzzle. So you'd either need to find a silencer from a company that offers mounts for the M1A (AAC and YHM come to mind) or get an adapter that puts it to 5/8x24 and gives you a shoulder.

If this is your first silencer I'd suggest buying it for a different host: The AR platform suppresses very well and often doesn't require any modifications to run suppressed. But if you're set on suppressing your M1A, I know plenty of other people have done it, so you might want to check out an M1A-specific forum to see what issues they ran into.
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