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OK, if you want a carry piece with reliability as the top priority, I'm going to impart some hard truth to you:

You will have a gun that rattles when you shake it.
I have to respectfully disagree that a 1911 has to rattle to be reliable.

The 1911, as originally conceived, was a very reliable weapon. It was also much looser than today's high(er) end CNC-made 1911's.
This is true.

However I've built many 1911 pistols that did not rattle (as a matter of fact they were on the tight side) and they were every bit as reliable as any of the original 1911's.
A tight gun set up correctly will be just as reliable as a loose one, maybe even more so.

I've built many a competition 1911 that was tight, accurate and reliable,; I can't think of any competitor that would have been pleased if their gun was not reliable.

At the last American Handgunner World Shootoffs I competed in, I competed with a tight gun I built.
The match was shot in some of the most extreme weather one could choose to shoot in (extreme heat, blowing grit of all types, even a little rain), the gun went through 2700 rounds in four days of competition and never bobbled.
The gun was not cleaned until I got back home from the match.

I heard many times that a tight gun will not run, it's time to lay this myth to rest as it's simply not true.

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Bob Hunter
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