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russian/finnish 91/30

About 20 yrs ago i got what i thought was a russian 91/30 as part of a trade deal. the rifle itself was in brand new condition and still packed in grease. It came with the armorers tools, bayonet, sling, and ammo pouch. After reading through the threads a bit i got curious and got mine out of the safe, From what i have read, it is a russian rifle made at Tula, is a hexagon receiver dated 1936, however it has the SA mark, the D mark, and the 3600 mark. The stock is almost perfect, not shellaced in finish, but a darker brown stain look to it, however i dont see any refurbish marks on it. the sling mounts are dif than other russian rifles i have seen in that they are not just holes through the stock, but are actual metal sling loops in a square shape. Over the yrs i never paid much attention to details on this rifle, just drug it out from time to time to shoot, only amounting to a couple of hundred rounds. From what i have read on the net and here, I'm under the impression that this rifle is a finnish captured rifle that has been refurbished. From the marks on the barrel it was imported by century arms. Can anyone tell me what the value of this rifle is, and its current collectability ? its a fun rifle to shoot and friends that have seen it or shot it have laughed at how long it is, but enjoyed it just the same. When i got the rifle, i bought 8 440 rnd spam cans of ammo to go with it, still have 7 sealed cans plus. Any input would be greatly appreciated
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