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Lately I have been swamped and unable to work on some of my new projects. One of the projects under development is an ankle rig that carries the weapon with the handle down. The reason for this is that when you need the weapon you lift the leg and reach and draw with the hand. You have no need to pull up the trouser leg first before drawing. The holster would place the weapon on the inside of the left leg for a right hand draw. My initial research has convinced me that this carry is much faster then a traditional muzzle down, pull the pant leg up draw. The placement of the holster on this ankle rig at the moment has the muzzle pointing slightly forward ( aprox 20 *). This puts the grip at the same angle as the drawing hand. Two concerns I have are security of the weapon and I have an uneasy feeling with the muzzle up. With a Kydex holster I believe the security problem is solvable. Muzzle up violates rule #2 even though while holstered it is not possible to fire the weapon. My prototype weapon is a S&W 640.

What do you think …. Am I wasting my time or do you see any benefit to this type of carry? Any suggestions?

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