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I don't really know anything about the FIE derringers - or any of their other guns.....but they do get smacked around on the this comment:

"Firearms International Export (FIE) was not a manufacturer but an importer of inexpensive and frankly very poor firearms. Many of it's products came from small shops in Spain and Italy, but with FIE it could come from anywhere, including Pakistan and the Phillipines. IMHO one should steer clear of any firearm with the FIE Marque"....from an unknown source.....but they may be right.

American Derringer is a quality gun ...if you really want one / they sell in the $ 300 - $ 400 price range used. New - most of them are $600 or so...
( and in those price ranges you have a lot of other options for small guns ...that will do way more things)...

About once a year I take it to the range for some laughs....with some "00" Buck in it ( .410 shotshells ) that I reload....and let some of the range safety officers and some of my buddies shoot it ...( 4 shots apiece is about enough thru the 6" stainless American Derringer I have - even as heavy as it is, with probably a 15 lb trigger pull - pull trigger with middle finger for more control ) can hit a target at 6 Feet ...its not a problem hitting the target.

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