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What is you deffinition of modern first off
ANything post wonder-nine BHPs, I suppose since most guns on sale now are a derivation of that sort of system in one way or another. However, given the question, I mean any gun that has a slide release lever.

and working the slide works on all of em so one can use one technique and stay with it if they want to.
I realise that both are possible, but given that there is a lever that can be worked one handed, I wanted to know why some people still choose to use their other hand after inserting a fresh mag.

You also do not clear a stove pipe by simply releasing the slide.
As explained above, I am talking purely about situations when both could be used, but people seem to prefer one method over the other and I wanted to know why.

There may be a tactical advantage to releasing the slide with the release because it requires less motion and movement and fractionally quicker, but there can be a mechanical advantage to doing it with a firm overhand rearward pull and release that allows for more travel, speed, momentum of the slide to chamber the new round.
So the slide release saves time, but the slide grip reduces the chance of a misfeed?
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