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Originally Posted by TunnelRat View Post
Lol. I never defended the issues, in fact I called them out for it. What I defended was their pricing and I said I felt they weren't getting a pass.

Will this compete with the P355 for sales? Sure. When I said true competitor I meant the same capacity for the size. That efficiency is what makes the P365 unique,. Otherwise it would be just another micro pistol. If the G19X had no issues selling I have no doubts that this will sell too.

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Like I said, Just kidding..I have enjoyed this and other conversations on this forum..I'm a FNG(Farging New Guy)..newly 'returned' to the world of guns about 2 years ago, had a S&W model 39 about 40 years ago..learning somethin' everyday w/o a lot of the political crappola found on other forums.

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