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Originally Posted by OhioGuy View Post
It looks like the G43X is dimensionally very similar to the P365, so the rounds must be staggered in some way. Why would the 43X not be a true P365 competitor? Almost the same size, same capacity, there will surely be 12 round magazines at some point, etc.

What would make it more Sig-like?

Not sure what value the G48 provides in the long term over the 43X -- once extended magazines are available, the capacity will be proportionally greater than the 48, i.e. you'd probably get 12 or more into the same height. Unless the longer slide is of that much value.

Personally I prefer having a shorter grip with the option of extended mags, as that is more accommodating to more clothing situations for concealment.

Regardless I'm sure both will be great guns. I'd like to get my hands on one to try.
Almost the same size isn't the same size. It is longer in the grip than the P365. Is it enough of a difference to matter? That's up to the individual. This doesn't achieve the same efficiency of size.

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