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A friend who worked for a while at Ted Turner's New Mexico ranch told me that they have instituted a sort of migratory herding pattern for the cattle: Very long and narrow strip pastures. The cattle feed from one end to the other, and then are moved to the next strip.

They are also blocking gullies and doing restoration of native grasses.

Range Magazine has had numerous articles--with photos--about properly stocked vs. unstocked ranch lands. See at

Overgrazing? Follow I-10 from around Ozona, Texas, to western Arizona to see an unending example. There's a diorama at the Sonoran Desert Museum near Tucson which shows the progression of plant life with cattle, onward from the 1880s. Terrible.

The fit of the butt of a shotgun is all-important for accuracy. I'd at least find a stock maker and discuss having a butt stock made to fit.
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