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In other words, today, the "church" won't kick you out, but they won't stop the "crown authorities" from coming in and arresting you.
This is actually untrue.

This is exactly what the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has done, with the NRA, except they didn't say "hate group" they used the phrase "Domestic Terrorist".

We think it was a stupid idea for them (and apparently they are being sued) and it would be an equally stupid idea for us.
It does not convey well in 2019, but this is at least partly satire.

What is the answer to the endless propaganda we are bombarded with? I don't have one, (or rather one that would be both legal and socially accepted, ) all we can really do is lead by example and clearly state how their side is propaganda and our side is the truth.
On the playground, with no adults present, he who shouts loudest and has the most friends shouting with him normally wins. I haven't seen a notable adult voice in this debate in nearly 20 years. Every year it gets a little more immature as noted by this thread.
Thus a man should endeavor to reach this high place of courage with all his heart, and, so trying, never be backward in war.
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