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The dragon was a type of blunderbuss pistol, usually of shorter barrel but possessed of the same flaired barrel as its more well-known cousin. The dragon was particularly popular in naval service in the 17th century and, as such, is often associated with pirates.

Pictured here: at a Website called The Way of the Pirate http://http://www.thewayofthepirates...dragon-pistol/

Dragons and blunderbuss pistols were large caliber but had parallel walled chambers with the bore flaring usually commencing at some 3/4 barrel length. Generally, they were loaded with powder, wad, shot (or multiple musket balls) and wad. As to quantities of powder and shot, the rule of thumb is more or less equal amounts of powder and shot, but what grade of powder and how much will have been used back in the day, is very hard to say. As these were often .72 caliber and larger in chamber size, one would imagine 3 - 3 1/2 drams of powder at least.
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