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1st Generation Colt's

Second Generation Colt's are getting scarcer and scarcer to find. Especially the presentation and limited edition models - it's next to impossible. So, I've decided to take my collecting in another direction; First Generation Colt's percussion revolvers - specifically 1851 Navies and 6 shot 1849 Pocket Models. My first foray into this is winning the bid on a Rock Island Auction lot that had one of each. Took delivery today on an early 3rd Model 1851 Navy made in 1852, and a 6 shot 1849 Pocket model made in 1863. Both are in what I would consider great shape for their age with some traces of original finish and fully functional with good lockup. All markings and cylinder scenes are present and legible. I may have paid too much; but I don't care.

July 3 Update

I spent an hour or so this afternoon stripping the Navy down for a good inspection. All of the screws and nipples came out with little effort. I even used my zero torque $5 electric screwdriver getting them out. The nipples are unlike any I've seen before. The flash hole is too small for my nipple pick, the bottom is domed, and the sides are straight up & down, not tapered, and they are like new. The mainspring is about twice as thick as a Uberti or Pietta, which explains the extremely heavy cocking force required. It's sporting a standard Uberti spring now.. Cylinder cleaned up nicely, and the bore was worn & pitted as would be expected, but isn't really that bad. I didn't take any pictures during the process, It is sitting in the in safe ready to go out & make smoke. Plan is to do so this coming Saturday.

Tis pistol is in fine shape. Who ever had this before me took very, vey good care of it. It may have cost me a petty penny; but I think it was worth it. I just hope I have he same opinion after it gets used.
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