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Advice from other 300 BLK loaders for AR magazines was to measure the bullet and place a mark where the bullet measures .250" (out on the tapered tip) and seat the bullet until the mark lines up with the hump on the inside of the magazine. A standard .223 Rem neck is about .250". This will align the BLK case so that it's straight in the magazine and not tilted inward and for more reliable feeding. That works for standard GI magazines and close for others. A recommended oal for 150 Hornady 150 FMJ's was 2.065". For Sie 220 gr HP's a recommended length is 2089", Nosler 125 BT to 2.085", Hornady 130 SP's at 2.010". I load 147 gr. military FMJ's to 2.130" to 2.140" but they have a different profile to Hornady 150 FMJ's. You should be fine seating the Horn. 150 FMJ's to 2.090". Take into account your charges if you seat a lot shorter than the data in your manual.
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