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300 Blackout col

Working on 300 blackout loads with Hornady 150gr FMJ and CFE black. None of my books have data for it, so I'm bound to one source of data the hodgdon web site. The page shows 2.235 for COL, fits the mag and dummy round chambers fine. Dosent seem like much bullet in the neck, cases trimmed to Hornady book trim length 1.358. Hornady book shows 2.090 for 150FMJ, lyman shows 2.075, Nosler shows nothing in that bullet weight. The 2.090 seems to align with the crimp groove, but i do not plan to crimp so I guess that wont mater. the bullet From hogdons page is 150 IB, shouldn't make a difference with FMJ right? load data is based mostly on the bullet weight? guessing the longer COL is for case volume? Anyone have any experience using CFE Black? not married to the 150 FMJ just have plenty extra on hand for testing and plinking.

If it matters the rifle upper is 16" PSA 1-9 twist with pistol length gas system.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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