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The Octane 45 is a terrific can. I have an Octane 9 and I love it.

Yeah, .40 S&W is disappointing when suppressed. There are a few companies that make dedicated .40 silencers (SilencerCo makes an Osprey 40, for example), but they're not very popular. People who want to suppress .40 usually just get .45 cans. And then when they shoot .40 through them they often decide to stick with 9mm and .45.

The Warlock is awesome. It's the same design as the Spectre but in anodized aluminum. The Spectre is a tiny bit quieter, but it's also a heck of a lot heavier. Every time I've mounted a Warlock on a gun I'm amazed at how the gun handles; you're right that you can barely tell it's there.

You've got two great cans there. Enjoy!
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