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2 new cans. Initial thoughts...

Just got 2 new cans home.

Out the back door with my Octane45 attached to 3 different pistol hosts

Glock 35 with a 40-9 conversion barrel. 147gn subsonic 9mm. VERY nice. Like an air compressor hose being detached.

Glock 23 180gn 40s&w. Kinda disappointed in this combo. Much louder then the 9mm. Even louder then the 45. Least impressive of the calibers

Glock 21sf. 230gn hardball. Louder then the 9mm, not as loud as the 40

This was just a cpl rounds fired outta each platform. More shooting to do.

Initial thoughts are if i can prove the G35 40-9 conversion as completely reliable, it will become the HD gun. That has been the G23 but its just TOO loud

Next.... SWR Warlock II. This 22lr can kicks ASS. SUPER light. Adds virtually no weight to the host. Couldnt tell any difference in balance or weight on either a pistol or rifle

On my 10/22 with subsonic ammo its SILLY quite.
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