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I also shoot 45 LC and it seems to be awfully rare. I bought some factory brass from Remington at my local Sportsman's Warehouse and re-loaded with that. It was definitely more expensive but between those 100 (actually 102, they must have given me a little bonus!) and the 50 I got from the Ultra Max I bought I feel pretty well set on 45 Colt atm.

It's probably going to be tough to get your hands on since 45 Colt is a popular cartridge to reload and like any revolver cartridge, they don't get flung all over the range, people typically keep them either to re-load or give to friends that do.

If I was you I would bite the bullet (no pun intended) and just buy a bag Remington or Winchester brass. It's on sale at Cabellas IIRC right now, and available at a few other places online.
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