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Hey Oneeye7,

Unless Lee bullet seating dies are non standard from other dies, you can save a buck by crimping with your bullet seating/crimp die. It will do both operations in one movement of the handle if it is adjusted correctly. You do not have to get additional dies to crimp your 30-06 and 30-30 loads. If you have a Lyman, Speer, or Hornady loading manual, you can find a section on reloading that shows how the bullet is seated and crimped in one die, and there are cutaway drawings to allow you to see how it is done. It has been done that way for as long as I have been reloading (50 years), and the Lee Factory Crimp Die has just come along in recent years. How do you think we managed all this time without the Lee Factory Crimp Die?

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Dave Wile
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