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Originally Posted by Metal God
Again I agree 100% but that does not mean that work is done by people with a highly contagious disease . Those people say home while the rest of the workers do the work .

I don't remember which bills earlier this year this came up in but I believe a few votes were closer then they would have been because law makers were either sick or quarantined . To vote don't the members need to be present ? What mechanism are you speaking of that will allow someone else to vote for a sitting senator if they are to sick or contagious to be on the floor ?
There are instances in which a member on the other side of an issue will abstain in recognition of an opponent's inability to be present.

Originally Posted by Metal God
How ever there is no job so essential to put other lives at risk to do .
Anyone who drives a car to the office puts lives at risk to do his job. How we weigh those risks is highly variable, especially over the last seven months. We had people die in the invasion of Grenada for a result less substantive and consequential than Barret's confirmation.

Originally Posted by Metal God
I want this to go through just as much as the next guy but I don't think we are all looking at the same picture . This is a highly fluid situation and to just blindly plow forward is not wise .
What is the wiser alternative?
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