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I have a LC9 and experienced a failure of the firearm as well. I'm a mechanical person and like to know how things work. This often involves me disassembling them to see how they function. I had my LC9 apart to clean it a couple weeks after I bought it and I had ran a couple hundred rounds through it. I thought I'd see how the guts of the gun function as I pulled the trigger with the slide off. I pulled the trigger and the hammer catch spring broke. I had to send it back to Ruger for repair. I'm not sure if you would rule that as my fault or the firearm's fault. I probably shouldn't have pulled the trigger with the slide off but I also don't think the hammer catch spring should have broke after doing that once. When I got it back in the mail they had also replaced the firing pin. I haven't had any problems with it since. It shoots great and cycles well.
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