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LC9 Failure

@Muad' Dib, let me first say i love the handle and love the Dune series. Secondly, when I say Ruger made it right all I mean is that they repaired the pistol and it hasn't failed since. It was a hassle free transaction with the manufacturer and they did not try to jerk us around by playing games, they were very fair. That said, this is the first Ruger that I have ever owned and to be honest this has made me think twice about purchasing another in the future despite the fact that they repaired the pistol. I have owned several glocks as well as a sig 250 and I have never experienced this type of failure. My biggest fear is that this may have happened in the unfortunate event that I had to defend myself or my loved ones. Had that been the case I would probably not be posting this thread. I have absolutely no reservations when carrying my glocks, but when I'm carrying my LC9 this is always in the back of my mind. Back to your original post, this is the first ruger i have ever owned and the one that failed belonged to my father, mine has exhibited no failures after several hundred rounds, but .......

@checkmyswag, the ammo being used was winchester white box 115 graing fmj which I have had no problems with in any other pistol in the past. Neither my fathers lc9 or mine have ever fired any reloaded or non standard factory ammo.
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