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I know this is an old thread, but IME the best bullet for 10mm hunting is the Swift A frame bullet. I am using the 180gr version and they also make a 200gr version also.

The 180gr is 1320fps from my Glock 40 and 1490fps from my 10.5 inch AR pistol. I shot a 7 point buck at 18 yards with AR pistol. The deer ran like 60 yards bleeding profusely the whole way, my nephew who has never tracked a deer before led the charge and he was able to follow the blood with zero issues at all. The bullet hit in the ribs of the onside and broke the offside shoulder and stopped under the skin. The recovered bullet was mushroomed perfectly to .678 inches and weighed 177.4 grains.

For deer/hogs give me my A frames for everything else the 180 XTPS are loaded.
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