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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
I don't think you'll need the extra penetration offered by the two hard cast options. Whitetails are relatively thin skinned and small boned when compared to hogs or bears, which are the intended targets of the two cast loads. Additionally, the Glock polygonal rifling is said not to be compatible with cast bullets, yielding poor accuracy and fouling. The jacketed XTP seems your best option. The XTP has a good reputation for holding together while offering useful expansion. Hunt like a bowhunter, picking your shots and angles accordingly, and I'd be quite surprised if you have any trouble.

I load XTP's in my G20 when after deer, no shots yet!
I was leaning towards the Hornady for those reasons as well…expansion rather than penetration. I just wasn’t sure because the documented velocity on that load seems to be about 150 - 200 fps lower compared to some of the other popular 180gr offerings (BB, Doubletap, and Underwood).

By the way, I’ve tested the BB and Doubletap hardcast in my factory Glock barrel and they seem to shoot just fine.
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