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I have been shooting pocket guns for years and shoot them often. I totally believe in training with a small barrel Trigger control, point and shoot skill development especially is important. The LCR22 has been a huge success for myself in shooting snubbies. especially the LCR9mm. Recoil difference is not a disadvantage in shooting one. Recoil simply put your eye and hand off target momentarily. Or at least your hand. Multiple targets with a does the same thing. It is nice to be able to go to the range and shoot hundreds of rounds through a small barrel and not have to second mortgage your house in order to do so. Especially if you are shooting each week.

It works for me. I have proven this. If it does not work for you then just keep shooting 380 ammo for training. Be sure to get one that holds up well for a lot of shooting. I have always enjoyed shooting small barrel pistols and revolvers. They are a challenge, and a great satisfaction comes from shooting them well.

What I cannot figure out is how the heck Ruger is justifying $300 for a LCP. The LCP 380 is just a cheap aluminum frame small gun without sights. Cost for Ruger to make one has to be extremely low. A cost of $150.00 is a fair price for one. But $300.00?

I have always thought the LCP was the biggest profit maker for Ruger. Now it looks like they make the same gun in 9mm and now the 5.7. Same materials etc.

No wonder they no longer make guns like the SR9C which now can be bought for the same price as a Ruger LCP Does not make sense other than reaping in huge profits.

This gun below from Ruger is a nicely made firearm and very worthy of $300, which it is selling for. Show me the difference in the LCP 22/

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