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Mr. O'Heir seems to have missed that you are not seeing the crush itself, but rather the rotation, and 2° is plenty easy to see. Have you confirmed that 2° at the radius of the front sight tip from the bore centerline moves the tip far enough to compensate for the error in POI?

You are talking only 0.154 thousandths of additional crush. That is not enough additional stretch to matter to functionality. Also, if you get a copy of Jerry Kuhnhausen's, The S&W Revolvers, A Shop Manual, on Page 84 he shows the slightly negatively angled shoulder at the root end of the barrel tang and comments that some amount of crush room remained available on all S&W barrels that he's removed. This means you can turn it in further. He also shows the equipment for barrel removal and installation.

You may want to first remove the barrel and apply a very thin layer of anti-seize or automotive assembly lube. Even a little motor oil will make it easier to turn past the original location. Anti-seize makes it easier to get the barrel off again in the future if you need to.

Since these guns have a removable front sight insert, and since these are known to bend if the gun is dropped on its sight, an alternative would be to intentionally bend it. Replacements are available.
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